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Haris & Co. is a unique establishment where extraordinary dreams and visions become reality under the expert hands of Edgar Haris and his assistants.


Haris & Co. is the commercial face of the studio and addresses the needs of a discerning clientele who have a particular idea that must be custom made. Our operative word is just that, custom.


We cover a wide range of work - interior and exterior - including rails, fences, ornamental gates, architectural signage, interior lighting, furniture, and accessories. 


Working in mild steel, stainless, copper, brass, and bronze, we weld, forge, fabricate and form all the metals. We can work with your own drawings, or design and then build and install the piece, if needed. Haris & Co. offers a wide variety of techniques, and we have good relationships with a number of subs who fill in what we can’t do.

We thrive on challenges, pride ourselves on craftsmanship, and spare nothing to please our clients.

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